Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivational Monday

So, I really feel like there is plenty I could blog about, but I wondered, "What is something that would be a way to kick off the week?" and I stumbled on Motivational Mondays. Many bloggers, instagrammers, facebookers, etc. post motivation on Mondays so I thought, "What the heck!? I'll do it too!"

Thus begins: 

So, for my first "Motivational Monday", I chose this quote I had pinned a while back. It reminds me of how we should continue to grow and change so we can do better. 

For example, in counseling, I have to remind myself that people are always doing their best, but sometimes their "best" is not enough. When it isn't, they have to learn new ways to do better. Such is the case for parents who maybe raise their children just as they were raised; possibly through abuse. Are these parents doing their best? Most likely. Is it acceptable? Absolutely not. That is where the teaching comes in. Of course, some are resistant, and there is no "ideal" way to parent, but everyone can benefit from learning to do better. When a person knows more, they can do better, and ideally the cycle keeps progressing to take one step higher at a time. 

For me, this quote is a daily reminder to break from routine and learn to do better. Maybe it is managing time better, eating better, forgiving better, expressing myself better, or whatever... I just know I want to do better.

Hope you find yourself knowing better and doing better this wonderful week. 
Take care of yourself out there.  

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  1. Love it!! I'll start next week with you since I already posted today!


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