Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today's Before and After: Heating Things Up.

Guess what... this is a home decor blog.  "Huh?" you say? You are probably confused because I recently started blogging more about my life, and my stress, and my fitness/eating habits, but yes my friends, this is a home decor blog. So, I will continue now with my home decor post:

I'm pretty much the queen of procrastinating... see those dishes? Yes, they need to get done, but here I am blogging... same story happened a few weeks back. I found myself overwhelmed with things I "need" to do and instead I thought, "I'm kinda over the green fireplace... and I have a can of white (Churchill Hotel Lace) to match the kitchen... and I'm home alone... and it would brighten the room..." etc. etc. 

So, here's the before:

^^I guess someone I needed some SERIOUS training in adjusting saturation on the camera.... 
P.S. Those heavy curtains were swapped out for sheers! 

But back to the story... 

So, I stripped down to my undies (that's how I roll home alone), washed it down with TSP, dried it, and started painting away. 

After making sure I had support from my cousin first:

^^my "nephew" (I pretty much consider my cousin my sister) is a stinkin' cutie!

And I'm pretty happy with the results:

Here's the play by play of our ever-changing living room (at least some parts):

 We started with a pretty ugly and burned fireplace back in 2009 when we bought our home:

We primed the ENTIRE house all at once when we had only three days to get all the walls painted. 

Then I painted the fireplace Valspar's "Nutria" green and added some pretty awful window treatments (cut me a break, I was new to this!):

 Then we re-painted the brass in a flat black:


And for those of you who need the side-by-side comparison like me, here is it now:

Although it still looked worlds better during each step of the process (and so much cleaner than the burned brick!), as time passed, the room felt like too many green colors were fighting in it. 

I ditched the green coffee table for this one that I repainted after it sat in my parent's attic for years, and I just felt it was time to try white on the fireplace too. 

So what do you think? Have you taken a risk in decorating your home lately?

^^Let's be honest... How risky is white? Psssh.. 

Of course someone got a little bored with all the photos I was taking of the fireplace... 

How about you? Have you been just as stir crazy as me needing to tackle some totally free, yet fun projects? Let me know! 


  1. I love the white!! Oh, and your nephew is pretty darn handsome ;-)

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